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Saw this being done by :iconfairy-red-hime: and it looked fun, so I decided to do it as well.

So, rules:
1. Go to…
2. Edit Cast with your 24 Favorite Pokémon (do whatever with the images, it's not important)
3. Proceed through The Games
4. Post Summary

The Reaping:
District 1: Meowth and Lilligant

District 2: Sharpedo and Chandelure

District 3: Hitmonlee and Klefki

District 4: Hawlucha and Greninja

District 5: Vanillite and Rotom

District 6: Gastly and Shedinja

District 7: Cubone and Roserade

District 8: Ralts and Vespiquen

District 9: Spiritomb and Skitty

District 10: Cofagrigus and Froslass

District 11: Gigalith and Togepi

District 12: Metagross and Horsea


CuboneRotom, and Spiritomb work together to get as many supplies as possible.
Togepi silently snaps Klefki's neck.
Hitmonlee finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.
Chandelure takes a sickle from inside the cornucopia.
Froslass finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.
Vanillite kills Ralts while he is resting.
Roserade beats Meowth to death.
MetagrossGastlyHawlucha, and Lilligant share everything they gathered before running.
Vespiquen stays at the cornucopia for resources.
Greninja takes a handful of throwing knives.
Shedinja and Sharpedo fight for a bag. Shedinja gives up and retreats.
Skitty and Gigalith fight Cofagrigus and HorseaCofagrigus and Horsea survive.


Hitmonlee explores the arena.
Greninja and Vespiquen work together for the day.
LilligantTogepiHorsea, and Shedinja raid Gastly's camp while he is hunting.
Rotom falls into a pit and dies.
Roserade collects fruit from a tree.
Spiritomb stalks Cubone.
Hawlucha camouflauges himself in the bushes.
Sharpedo constructs a shack.
Metagross runs away from Cofagrigus.
Vanillite begs for Chandelure to kill him. She refuses, keeping Vanillite alive.
Froslass injures herself.


ShedinjaVespiquen, and Sharpedo discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
Cofagrigus tries to treat his infection.
Chandelure loses sight of where she is.
Gastly destroys Roserade's supplies while she is asleep.
Cubone passes out from exhaustion.
FroslassHorseaSpiritomb, and Lilligant sleep in shifts.
Hawlucha and Metagross sleep in shifts.
Togepi thinks about winning.
Hitmonlee goes to sleep.
Vanillite stays awake all night.
Greninja screams for help.


6 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Klefki - District 3
Ralts - District 8
Meowth - District 1
Skitty - District 9
Gigalith - District 11
Rotom - District 5

DAY 2:

Shedinja explores the arena.
Vespiquen kills Greninja with her own weapon.
Cofagrigus poisons Gastly's drink, but mistakes it for his own and dies.
Sharpedo attacks Hawlucha, but he manages to escape.
Spiritomb and Roserade work together for the day.
Froslass stalks Chandelure.
Togepi remains in his hiding spot.
Horsea steals from Metagross while he isn't looking.
Vanillite stalks Cubone.
Hitmonlee stabs Lilligant in the back with a trident.


Vespiquen sets Gastly on fire with a molotov.
Vanillite and Hawlucha huddle for warmth.
Togepi sets up camp for the night.
Metagross climbs a tree to rest.
Hitmonlee and Chandelure sleep in shifts.
Cubone looks at the night sky.
Shedinja cries herself to sleep.
Froslass is awoken by nightmares.
Sharpedo tends to his wounds.
Horsea falls ill from contaminated water.
Spiritomb and Roserade huddle for warmth.


4 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Greninja - District 4
Cofagrigus - District 10
Lilligant - District 1
Gastly - District 6

DAY 3:

Chandelure discovers a cave.
Togepi constructs a shack.
CuboneVespiquen, and Horsea turn on Roserade, killing her.
Vanillite defeats Hitmonlee in a fight, but spares his life.
Shedinja throws a knife into Sharpedo's chest.
Hawlucha receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
SpiritombFroslass, and Metagross search the arena together for other tributes.


Cubone begs for Metagross to kill him. He reluctantly obliges, killing Cubone.
Vanillite is awoken by nightmares.
Spiritomb thinks about winning.
Froslass sets an explosive off, killing TogepiHitmonlee, and Horsea.
Shedinja and Vespiquen huddle for warmth.
Hawlucha cries himself to sleep.
Chandelure sees a fire, but stays hidden.

6 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Roserade - District 7
Sharpedo - District 2
Cubone - District 7
Togepi - District 11
Hitmonlee - District 3
Horsea - District 12

DAY 4:

Hawlucha receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Shedinja receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Vespiquen daydreams of home.
Froslass overhears Chandelure and Metagross talking in the distance.
Vanillite explores the arena.
Spiritomb constructs a shack.

A volcano erupts at the center of the arena.

Froslass pushes Spiritomb in the lava.
Vanillite dips his weapon in the lava and kills Hawlucha with it.
Vespiquen survives.
Shedinja is buried in ash.
Chandelure dips her weapon in the lava and kills Metagross with it.


Froslass and Chandelure tell stories about themselves to each other.
Vespiquen dies of dysentery.
Vanillite sees a fire, but stays hidden.

5 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Spiritomb - District 9
Hawlucha - District 4
Shedinja - District 6
Metagross - District 12
Vespiquen - District 8

DAY 5:

Chandelure tries to sleep through the entire day.
Froslass tries to sleep through the entire day.
Vanillite falls into a pit and dies.


Froslass throws a knife into Chandelure's chest.

2 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

Vanillite - District 5
Chandelure - District 2

The winner is Froslass from District 10!

It was interesting, really. But, dang, they killed Ralts right as it started! Oh well, I had fun doing this. I leave the link over there in case anyone else wants to try it out as well.


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