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Shadoboy's Favorite Generation Pokemon Meme by Shadoboy Shadoboy's Favorite Generation Pokemon Meme by Shadoboy
4/3/2017 UPDATE: Added the seventh generation of Pokemon, including a favorite Pokemon change.

I was planning on updating an old image I had to go with the newest Pokemon gen, but I found this and decided to fill it instead. The original was made by :iconshadowxofxlight: and you can find it here:…
Note that I added the Fairy Type and Gen 6 to it.
It was interesting in that sometimes I knew exactly what Pokemon I wanted to put in, other types I had to research and say "Oh of course, this one!" or "Eh, I guess I like this one the most".
So, without further ado, a little elaboration

Gen 1 - Meowth: I've always been a fan of cats and I loved him in the anime, he was hilarious in the Mexican dub.
Gen 2 - Teddiursa: He's pretty cute, I guess.
Gen 3 - Skitty: Again, a kitty cat, a really cute one too!
Gen 4 - Arceus: He's Pokegod! 'nuff said!
Gen 5 - Herdier: Not as big on dogs compared to cats, but I really like this one's design.
Gen 6 - Furfrou: It's okay I guess. I gave him the Pharaoh cut because I love egyptian stuff.
Gen 7 - Type: Null: I really liked the backstory of this guy. Plus the name is just too priceless to not put it here!
Overall favorite: :iconmeowthplz:

Gen 1 - Victreebel: I always thought it was a pretty cool design.
Gen 2 - Belossom: Cute little thing, specially considering it comes from one of my least liked Pokemon...
Gen 3 - Cacturne: He's so creepy and that's awesome! It used to be my favorite grass type until recently...
Gen 4 - Roserade: I've grown to like them since I often find myself with one on my team. Funny thing, they are always male... so I always name them Bridget ;)
Gen 5 - Lilligant: I liked the design, but when I got one I just ended up loving it! Seriously, it's like someone took a flower and watered it with moe.
Gen 6 - Phantump: It's pretty cute and creepy at the same time... and that's not counting it's Pokedex entry...
Gen 7 - Dhelmise: Had a hard time deciding between Steenee and this one, but while the former is really cute, this one is just way too unique and weird to let it pass. Plus, I really like ghost types.
Overall favorite: :iconlilligantplz:

Gen 1 - Charizard: Not really need to explain this one, do I? Everyone seems to love it.
Gen 2 - Magcargo: I didn't really know which one to go with so... I chose the oddball.
Gen 3 - Blaziken: It's a really awesome design. My only problem is that I don't like it's preevolution.
Gen 4 - Magmortar: I didn't find much choice, but I can't deny it's badass.
Gen 5 - Chandelure: It's a weird, creepy design that just won me over. And it has a really terrifying Pokedex entry.
Gen 6 - Delphox: It broke the Fire/Fighting type thing that had been going for three gens! Plus, a mage fox? That's awesome.
Gen 7 - Litten: Fire kitty! I really enjoyed seeing this thing's face in Pokemon refresh.
Overall favorite: :iconchandelureplz:

Gen 1 - Horsea: Even since I was a kid I thought this was one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Probably my second overall favorite of gen I.
Gen 2 - Octillery: I always thought octopi were cool, so I went with this guy.
Gen 3 - Sharpedo: Of course I had to love this one! I love sharks and I wanted a shark Pokemon since gen I, so this immediately became one of my favorites.
Gen 4 - Empoleon: This is a weird penguin... but it's kinda cool too.
Gen 5 - Jellicent: Another weird one, but it reminded me of the King Jellyfish from Spongebob. The female Jellicent, however, weirds me out too much...
Gen 6 - Greninja: This was my starter and I loved it... so, you can guess I'm thrilled to know it's getting into Smash Bros 4!
Gen 7 - Wishiwashi: The idea of a bunch of really weak Pokemon getting together and forming a terryfing creature was amazing. Originally I wanted to try to make the eye into the solo form but it was too convoluted.
Overall favorite: :iconsharpedoplz:

Gen 1 - Voltorb: I dunno... I guess I always dug it's eternally annoyed expression.
Gen 2 - Elekid: Not one of my favorites, but the best I could find for Gen II.
Gen 3 - Manectric: It's cool. Not amazing, but pretty dang cool.
Gen 4 - Rotom: Another weirdo and one with a pretty cool concept! Catching one, though, it's a real chore...
Gen 5 - Galvantula: An electric spider? Leave it to Pokemon to make this concept work so well! I also like the cuteness that is Joltik.
Gen 6 - Heliolisk: Not much to choose from... but it's cute, I guess.
Gen 7 - Xurkitree: A really, REALLY weird one. But reminds me of being a kid and using basically anything I found to kill time. Using some discarded wires as some sort of little humanoid sounds like something I would have done.
Overall favorite: :iconrotomplz:

Gen 1 - Mewtwo: Every 90s kid loved Mewtwo and I'm no exception... I do hate his fanboys regarding Smash Bros sometimes, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to seem him back.
Gen 2 - Wobbuffet: I dunno... I always found him kind of hilarious.
Gen 3 - Deoxys: This guy is pretty dang cool! This place used to be occupied by Ralts, but because of the Fairy Type, I decided to give this guy a chance.
Gen 4 - Gallade: He's a pretty cool design and a good option if you don't want a male Gardevoir.
Gen 5 - Reuniclus: For a third evolution this guy is pretty cute, and I love the concept. It inspired one of my original Pokemon creations.
Gen 6 - Espurr: Come on, look at this cute little freak. Reminds me of a kitten I used to have.
Gen 7 - Necrozma: It doesn't really yell "Psychic" to me, but it's an overall intimidating and cool design.
Overall favorite: :iconreuniclusplz:

Gen 1 - Hitmonlee: I dunno, I always liked his look ever since I was a kid. I guess the kicking specialization didn't hurt either.
Gen 2 - Hitmontop: Well, this one is cool too. Though I always thought a Pokemon who specializes in roundhouse kicks should have been named Hitmonnorris.
Gen 3 - Hariyama: An unexpected design, but I always found useful when I had one in my team.
Gen 4 - Lucario: I'm not that big of a fan, but I still like the guy.
Gen 5 - Sawk: Well... he's blue. And I love blue. The design is not bad, either, I like it more than Throh or Gurrdurr, at least.
Gen 6 - Chesnaught: This guy is pretty cool. And Chespin is really cute. However, I always thought that Quilladin has a really ugly design.
Gen 7 - Marshadow: The typing is interesting, the attacks are creepy and the design is adorable... again, it's similar to one of my original Pokemon. I may have to upload a picture of him sometime.
Overall favorite: :iconhitmonleeplz:

Gen 1 - Golbat: These guys are really, REALLY annoying in caves. That being said, I like the design.
Gen 2 - Xatu: Not much to chose from, but I like the design.
Gen 3 - Tropius: This doesn't look like a flying type. That's why it's awesome to put it here.
Gen 4 - Honchkrow: Now THIS is an awesome design. The guy just oozes with personality.
Gen 5 - Sigilyph: Okay, this thing is weird as heck, but that's why I love it.
Gen 6 - Hawlucha: Misplaced nationalism aside, Hawlucha is the very definition of crazy awesome. Plus, it's a lot more useful than I expected. Y que viva México, hijos de María Morales.
Gen 7 - Minior: If Tropius is awesome because it doesn't look like a flying type, this applies about twice as hard for Minior! It was unexpectedly hard to draw, though.
Overall favorite: :iconhawluchaplz:

Gen 1 - Omanyte: I liked this guy before he became a god. Hehe, seriously though, I always had a soft spot for Omanyte, specially since it was on my team when I defeated the Elite 4 for the first time.
Gen 2 - Pupitar: Not many Pokemon I liked in this criteria, so I went for the weirdest one. Cocoon made of stone FTW!
Gen 3 - Regirock: Probablly my least liked Regi, but still a pretty cool legendary and a solid design overall.
Gen 4 - Bonsly: Eh... not much to chose from.
Gen 5 - Gigalith: This thing is simply AWESOME. Just look at it!
Gen 6 - Barbaracle: Once there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly he slapped everyone's s*** sideways. THE END!
Gen 7 - Lycanroc (Midnight forme): The choices for rock type are always sort of weird... but I liked the idea of this werewolf-looking thing. It looks so unhinged!
Overall favorite: :icongigalithplz:

Gen 1 - Cubone: I always thought this guy was both weird and cute. Before Gen III he used to be my absolute favorite Pokemon.
Gen 2 - Gligar: Well, this thing is a weird concept, but there's no way to not love a flying scorpion!
Gen 3 - Swampert: So, I herd u li- No, forget it. I liked this thing, it was my starter in Gen III and it never failed me.
Gen 4 - Torterra: I thought Gen IV had some of the weakest starter designs. That being said, when I used Torterra, it ended up being really useful, so it grew on me.
Gen 5 - Golurk: Ghost. Robot. With. Rocket. Feet. Need I say more?
Gen 6 - Zygarde: I still haven't got this guy. But the design is just the mix of weird and cool I like.
Gen 7 - Palossand: Another Pokemon that looks like an object and people whine about it... but I love the sort of weird things that come out of these ideas. Also, if you read the Pokedex entries, you know this simple sandcastle is actually terrifying as all heck.
Overall favorie: :iconcuboneplz:

Gen 1 - Scyther: I wasn't really a Scyther guy, my best friend was. Still, I can't deny that as far as Gen I bugs go, this guy is made of awesome.
Gen 2 - Spinarak: Joltik may be cuter, but we can't deny that this fellow is the original cute spider!
Gen 3 - Shedinja: One of the weirdest Pokemon overall; type, way to get it, gameplay, the concept, the pokedex entries and the design. I can't help to love this thing.
Gen 4 - Vespiquen: This thing is pretty dang badass and has real awesome moves. I still can't believe I like this so much, considering I have a phobia of bees.
Gen 5 - Dwebble: This thing is one of the cutest bugs I've seen. Seriously, look at that face!
Gen 6 - Vivillion: Not many choices for this gen... but it's cute. I gave it my favorite pattern: The polar one.
Gen 7 - Araquanid: It's one of those Pokemon I wasn't expecting but ended up liking when I got it in my team... also, the signature Pokemon of Lana. And Lana is best girl. And if you think that Lana is anything but best girl then I'll... have to politely disagree.
Overall favorite: :iconshedinjaplz:

Gen 1 - Gastly: It's always been one of my favorites since the begining. I decided to put it here so he doesn't have to compete with other awesome ghosts.
Gen 2 - Crobat: Zubat is a waay too common Pokemon, but it evolves into a pretty useful thing.
Gen 3 - Roselia: Well... I guess it's okay. And it evolves into Roserade, which is cool.
Gen 4 - Drapion: Well, it's kind of a weird mishmash of things. That being said, it looks intimidating, plus it has a cool typing.
Gen 5 - Scolipede: One thing I gotta give to later pokemon gens is that they managed to introduce some pretty intimidating bugs. This is a great example.
Gen 6 - Dragalge: A poisonous dragon? Well, it worked really well, if you asked me.
Gen 7 - Alolan Muk: Is this cheating? Muk's a decent, if somewhat bland design... but the Alola form manages to be pretty cool concept by adding the crystals that serve as fangs and claws... same crystals look incredibly dumb on Alolan Grimer, tho.
Overall favorite: :icongastlyplz:

Gen 1 - Cloyster: This thing looks a lot like Gastly, doesn't it?
Gen 2 - Sneasel: It's a pretty slick design, plus I always liked the concept of the Beat Up attack.
Gen 3 - Snorunt: It's cute and the concept made me find out a little about japanese mythology, which was pretty interesting.
Gen 4 - Froslass: I heard the story of the Yuki Onna some time ago and the idea of a Pokemon based on it is pretty awesome. The typing is also really cool.
Gen 5 - Vanillite: The ice cream Pokemon get a lot of flak... I don't really like Vanillish and Vaniluxe's weird faces, but Vanillite is just adorable, it's impossible for me to not like it.
Gen 6 - Bergmite: I didn't find many designs that I liked in this gen, but this guy is kinda cute.
Gen 7 - Crabominable: Other than the teeth making it look like some weird hobo, I like the typing and design. What kinda sucks is that, compared to how early in the game you can get Crabrawler, it's a downright insult how late in the game you have to wait so you can evolve it. (Same with Vikavolt)
Overall favorite: :iconvanilliteplz:

Gen 1 - Magneton: Not many choices here! But I kind of like Magnemite, so three Magnemites is three times better, right? RIGHT? Well, shut up, nobody asked for your opinion anyway.
Gen 2 - Scizor: They managed to make Scyther even more awesome!
Gen 3 - Metagross: This thing. It's badass shaped into a spider. Seriously, it's one of the best Pokemon of gen 3.
Gen 4 - Bronzong: Well, it's kind of a poor man's version of Metagross, but I like the weird design.
Gen 5 - Escavalier: The pretty bland and boring Karrablast turns into something pretty awesome when traded. Derpy Shelmet also gets an awesome upgrade into Accelgor, but since I like Dwebble more, he wasn't included in the list.
Gen 6 - Aegislash: A ghost sword? This stuff sells itself! Its constant forme switching can be a little annoying, though.
Gen 7 - Alolan Dugtrio: AND I SAY HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA! HEYYEYAAEYAAAEY! I SAY HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON? (Also, the reason it has hair is actually pretty smart).
Overall favorite: :iconmetagrossplz:

Gen 1 - Jeremyau: There are no dark types in gen I! But I didn't want to leave an empty spot, so here is an original creation, based on how I imagine my OC Jeremy would look as a Pokemon. An overall nice feline whose masked tail constantly whispers dark thoughts, which it uses as fuel for it's dark attacks.
Gen 2 - Houndoom: It's a hellhound! A poke hellhound! How awesome is that?
Gen 3 - Crawdaunt: Well, this is a weird choice, specially since this thing doesn't really scream Dark Type to me... but it's a lobster, and those are cool.
Gen 4 - Spiritomb: This THING. It's just all sorts of weird and awesome, specially it's obsession with the number 108. Too bad getting one is so difficult, but once I got it, I thought it was worth it.
Gen 5 - Bisharp: The moment I saw this thing I knew I had to get one. It's a guy made out of blades! That's just plain awesome.
Gen 6 - Pangoro: World of Warcraft, Kung Fu Panda and now Pokemon? Why is Badass Panda suddenly becoming such a trend? Whatevs, this thing looks awesome. And I kinda like how the Pokedex mentions that it is violent but still won't let bullies go unpunished.
Gen 7 - Alolan Meowth: Okay, this one has to be cheating, since I'm including Meowth twice in this meme... it's still one of my favorite Pokemon, but now it looks sassy as hell. I really want to see what they do with it in the anime.
Overall favorite: :iconspiritomb-plz:

Gen 1 - Dratini: I always thought that Dragonite was too cartoonish for my tastes and while Dragonair is cool, I'll go with this cute little guy.
Gen 2 - Kingdra: I HATE Kingdra. But it's the only gen II dragon, so I half-assed the drawing on purpose.
Gen 3 - Rayquaza:  Cool overall design. I would have put it in the legendary column, but I decided to put it here to give another Pokemon a chance.
Gen 4 - Giratina: This is the creepiest dragon I've seen. Plus it's a ghost! I immediately loved this thing.
Gen 5 - Hydreigon: This thing just looks evil, plus, it has heads for hands! I didn't think either Deino or Zweilous were cool, but this awesome thing makes up for that.
Gen 6- Tyrantrum: Well, in-game it wasn't as powerful as I expected, but it is still an awesome design.
Gen 7 - Drampa: The Pokedex saying it's some sort of elderly friend to human children who comes from the mountains to play with them is just so very charming.
Overall favorite: :icongiratinaplz:

Gen 1 - Haunter: I like Gastly more, but I put it in the Poison column, so this guy by default makes it in. It's still a pretty solid design, can't deny it.
Gen 2 - Misdreavus: Come on, there's no other ghosts in gen II! But I like this design, so, unlike Kingdra, I'm okay with this.
Gen 3 - Duskull: I like skeletons, so it was obvious this thing would become one of my favorites. Sadly, I thought Dusclops was kind of a dissapointing evolution. Luckily...
Gen 4 - Dusknoir: Gen IV introduced this amazing evolution for Dusclops! Well, the belly-face is kind of silly, but it's still pretty dang cool.
Gen 5 - Cofagrigus: I knew I was going to love this thing the moment I saw it, after all, I already mentioned I really like egyptian stuff.
Gen 6 - Trevenant: Well, this is a weird concept, but still one that I was expecting to see sooner or later. I can't deny how much I like it.
Gen 7 - Mimikyu: This one hits many of the spots I like on Pokemon: Cute, interesting, creepy and weird. Plus, it just wants to be loved. Aww.
Overall favorite: :iconmimikyuplz:

Gen 1 - Jigglypuff: Ironically, Jigglypuff is my least liked character in Smash Bros and I really hope they remove her. That being said, I still think this is a pretty cute Pokemon design and I can see why it is still is popular.
Gen 2 - Togepi: It really ticked me off that Misty got to keep the Togepi just because she pushed everyone aside to see him hatching first. Meowth was so good to the egg, he deserved to keep Togepi a lot more, but NOOOO! "Oh! It saw you first when it hatched, Misty! It considers you his mom, Misty!" AGH! THAT WAS SUCH A STUPID EPISODE! I WANT TO THROW THE CLOSEST THING I FIND AT THE WALL WHENEVER I REMEMBER IT EXISTS! SCREW THAT EPISODE AND SCREW YOU, MISTY! SERENA IS BETTER FOR ASH ANYWAY! Okay, rant over, Togepi is cute.
Gen 3 - Ralts: This remains to date my absolutely favorite Pokemon, period. The thing is just so small and cute, I want to hug it! Sure, it's pretty weak, but I don't care. I'm using my Luxury ball on it. I'm kind of glad he gained a second type so he could give some chance to other psychic types in this list.
Gen 4 - Togekiss: I admit that at first I didn't like the design, but when I got one in SoulSilver, it grew on me quickly, so yeah, I really like Togekiss!
Gen 5 - Cottonee: Again... there were not many choices. But Cotonee is pretty cute, I admit. And it's always better than Whimsicott. (I really hate Whimsicott)
Gen 6 - Klefki: Yes, the keychain. I don't care what people say, this Keychain is awesome! It's weird, it's cute and it's also pretty good in battle. Whoo! Go Boo-Boo Keys!
Gen 7 - Tapu Koko: This gen had some pretty interesting choices for the fairy type. And after looking at all the guardian deities I ended up liking this guy's attitude the best.
Overall favorite: :iconraltsplz:

Gen 1 - Mew: This thing was kind of the holy grail during gen I. Can't deny it's awesomeness at being able to learn every move, plus it has a cute design to match!
Gen 2 - Lugia: I remember how in school there were whispers of how this guy was the fusion of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness also helped me like this guy.
Gen 3 - Regice: My favorite of the regis, because a living iceberg is the kind of weird thing I like. I'm kind of sad to have left the other three regis out of the list tho. Don't worry Registeel, Regigigas and Regiefilsamie, I still like you.
Gen 4 - Darkrai: This guy looks like it came out of a creepypasta and I love it. It's abilities are just so dang scary.
Gen 5 - Genesect: Giant robot insect with a big ol' plasma cannon on its back? YES PLEASE.
Gen 6 - Yveltal: While I got Pokemon X and I liked Xerneas, I can't deny that the Y version mascot is cooler. Yay, baconbird.
Gen 7 - Guzzlord: This is probablly the most Lovecraftian thing to exist in Pokemon. It's intimidating, badass and overall awesome... and it's fairy food. But that doesn't make it any less awesome.
Overall favorite: :icondarkraiiplz:

Whew, that was long, but real fun to do! I still wonder, however, why there are no gen II pokemon among my favorite list.
Oh, and if you find a better plz account for Spiritomb, be nice and tell me.
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